The starting point in the data driven economy is now becoming: Do not serve your customer!
Serve her life events! And this is precisely what especially elderly people – less apt as hunting down data from scattered sources in the public and private sectors – need now.

I should perhaps write a book about the momentous thing happening in the data driven economy. How it lifts services to a totally new level. How it takes privacy to a new dimension. How it improves security immensely and makes life really hard for criminals and the grey economy. And naturally how it increases productivity with 3-6% to GDP (McKinsey) or “only” 2% (EU). But it is more important to spend time on connecting minds and spreading the you-have-the-right to your data to citizens and small enterprises – light the fire on the demandside. Making provision of verified data mandatory for the public sectors and the only profitable and ethical way for enterprises > supply creating demand (as usually is the case).

The technical solution is simple and does not cost much. In a nutshell: all EU-citizens AND organisations will get GENERAL purpose and INTEROPERABLE EUDIwallet applications (Finland&Sweden-led EWCconsortium central for EU). The
general purpose tool means: Learn once and use everywhere =  economy of repetition (for sure important for all of us with ever shrinking attention spans) and economy of reuse, economy of trust, economy of scope and even economy of scale. Huge levers.

When elderly people realise how easy it is to get and use for example in Finland the soon to be stateissued proof of being a pensioner they will storm ahead and demand
all other proofs they now carry in their wallets (and new ones) also for the net services (and back again to over-the-counter)  – like drivers licences, id-proofs, e-receipts (proof of purchase) vaccination proofs, tickets, memberships, pensioner status  etc etc

A special chapter should be written about the value of data and another one about the
value of levers mentioned above .
Just briefly about the value of data and how it grows exponentially for you and for your organisation when it is not merely a PDFpicture or a printout but moves step by step to 1. structured (needs close to no energy), 2. to more standardised also content wise – naturally from open standard wallets to other wallets and onwards to the service provider’s wallet the data right holder decides to trust. 3. to being verified (huge step) and 4. to be available in real time at its birth.

GPDR art 20 already grants the legal right to get your data and is proud to see that the
human-in-control is enshrined in EIDAS2. Make it right is happening. Make it happen (getting the data) has been waiting for the maturing of the open architecture and SSIwallets the Findyconsortium has tested out since 2018 together with the public sector (for sure needed in the drivers seat). Now it is fast forward.

From wallet fronting data storage to data rights holder’s wallet and onwards to the service provider’s or employers wallet. All general purpose – all
interoperable without technical integrations due to the Findynets or IDUnions of this world..