Nearly every student has a device and internet access, but that doesn’t mean in-person instruction will magically improve. How can we use technology to maximize learning in the classroom, and how can we create the most efficient use of screen time while making teachers’ workloads more manageable?

Join Erica Hartman, a former district chief technology officer, during an eSchool News webinar to find out how to engage students, measure progress, manage online learning, and save valuable time with GoGuardian Teacher and Edulastic. Discover how they can support you in creating an ecosystem of actionable data, intentional feedback, and an instructional workflow for seamless differentiation.

Learn about classroom technology that helps:

  • Maximize in-person instruction
  • Manage online learning and measure progress
  • Create the most efficient use of screen time
  • Make teachers’ workloads more manageable
  • Increase student engagement

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