destiny 2 lightfall screen

Destiny 2: Lightfall has been released to the world – the latest, and hopefully greatest, expansion to Destiny 2 that the waiting world has been after. But you may have issues in getting Lightfall to run, and that’s where we come in, with a quick public service announcement to help you work around any problems. 

The Witness has appeared, the Traveller is moving, and Calus is also back in play – but what will happen next? With a whole new world to explore and a new campaign to experience in Lightfall, you better believe that anticipation was high as I booted the game up.

However, upon starting, there are problems in getting things to run. So what on Earth (or off it, in this case) is going on?

Well, the answer is a pretty simple one, and to be honest, it is the sort of nonsense we have come to expect from Bungie. It appears that Destiny 2: Lightfall may refuse to run if you still had expansions installed on your Xbox that Bungie has previously “sunsetted”. So, for instance, Beyond Light and Forsaken have to go, and so – weirdly – does the 30th Anniversary Pack that is only a little over a year old. 

In the end, to be safe, I removed everything that wasn’t part of Lightfall, and hey presto, I was straight into the game. And to prove it wasn’t a fluke, I had to do the exact same steps on my son’s Xbox to get it to connect.

So, for clarity, if you are having issues with running Destiny 2: Lightfall, and you’re a veteran of the game, then you may wish to remove:

  • Expansion 1 – Curse of Osiris
  • Expansion 2 – Warmind
  • 30th Anniversary Pack
  • Beyond Light
  • Forsaken
  • Shadowkeep

And also any of the smaller weapon packs that you may have kicking around. The list of these includes:

  • The Black Armoury
  • Cayde’s Exotic Stash
  • Coldheart
  • Jokers Wild
  • Beyond Light : Strangers Weapon Pack
  • Kill Tracker Ghost

From there, shift out and uninstall anything that wasn’t downloaded as part of the Lightfall expansion, to be on the safe side. And there are a few, I think I had twenty-six expansions installed on my Xbox before I began the culling. 

It may not be ideal, but basically, if it isn’t the base game or a Lightfall expansion pack, then delete it. We’ll get into the whole “surely Bungie could have made their own software work with their own software!” debate that is obviously kicking around in your head for another time. Of course, we know what to expect with these expansions by now, don’t we? I’d be more worried if a Bungie launch went smoothly to be honest – it could well be one of the warning signs of an impending apocalypse.

Following the steps up top should see you sorted with Destiny 2: Lightfall, allowing you to play without bother. It’s what we are doing so keep an eye out for our upcoming review, but I have to say that so far, the new setting and the new powers are all pretty groovy. The strand power that was very heavily trailed by Bungie for the launch so far hasn’t disappointed, and even though I am not very far through the campaign, I am enjoying the ride so far. I’ll see you on Neptune, Guardians!

If you fancy getting involved, get over to the Xbox Store where you too can purchase the Lightfall Expansion pack for Destiny 2 for only £39.99, playing it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Sounds like a bargain to me! You’ll also find the expansion on PlayStation and PC.