DataVisor Launches AI Co-Pilot to Enhance Real-Time Fraud Defense

  • Fraud and risk platform DataVisor launched its new AI Co-Pilot solution to enhance real-time fraud defense.
  • AI Co-Pilot includes AI-automated rule tuning, feature generation and automated debugging, and improved explainability among its features.
  • DataVisor made its Finovate debut last month at FinovateFall in New York.

Less than a month after making its Finovate debut at FinovateFall, fraud and risk platform DataVisor has launched AI Co-Pilot. The new offering is a generative AI-facilitated fraud solution designed to catch fraud 20x faster than traditional methods.

AI Co-Pilot helps financial institutions detect fraud in real-time while at the same time reducing the number of false positives. This enables financial institutions to provide effective fraud defense without compromising the user experience with excessive friction.

DataVisor co-founder and CEO Yinglian Xie noted that innovation in the payment space required innovation in the fraud prevention space, as well. With bank transfer and payment fraud losses in the U.S. topping $1.58 billion last year, concerns over fraud risks can serve as an impediment to many financial institutions – especially smaller FIs and credit unions – when it comes to embracing instant payments and other new services that their customers and members want.

“Built on groundbreaking Generative AI technology, DataVisor’s AI Co-Pilot gives financial institutions better intelligence and automation for more effective fraud detection and prevention,” Xie said. “This innovative solution is more accurate, reacts to fraud trends much faster, and improves user experiences and customer support.”

Among the new capabilities delivered by DataVisor’s AI Co-Pilot are AI-automated rule tuning to accelerate the fraud response and improve accuracy, feature generation and automated debugging, and improved explainability to ensure transparency.

“(AI Co-Pilot) considerably reduces the need for analyst resources,” Xie added. “This advancement signifies a pivotal step toward enhanced security and efficiency across the industry.”

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Mountain View, California, DataVisor demoed its fraud and risk platform at FinovateFall last month. At the event, DataVisor’s Ryan Nichols and Kevin McWey showed how the technology’s rules engine, device intelligence, decision engine, and case management combine to enhance fraud detection and minimize losses.

DataVisor has raised more than $94 million in funding. The company includes CMFG Ventures and NewView Capital among its investors. Last month, DataVisor introduced new Chief Revenue Officer Kevin McWey. In July, the company announced that it had partnered with cyber and fraud threat intelligence specialist Q6 Cyber.

Photo by Scott Webb



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