dark burial enhanced edition

With the retro box ticked, Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition releases on Xbox and PC to deliver a puzzle platformer to the masses. But does it have enough to tempt them in?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Windows 10 comes Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition from SharkGame and Desert Water Games; the latter of which have recently been behind the likes of Deep Space Anomaly and Robolifter, with varying levels of success.

This one should be seen as a retro-styled puzzle platformer in which you get to play as a little sentinel, taking the fight to the masses. Equipped and armed with a single crossbow, the arrows that the sentinel fires are not just useful as weapons, but also as platforms. 

Fighting your way through what Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition should well be a bit of a test, especially as this Enhanced Edition adds in no less than eight new levels, an additional boss, some partially improved visuals (we’re not particularly sure why these are only ‘partially improved’ but we’re taking the press blurb as read) and better gameplay. 

For a price of £4.19, discounted to £3.35 for the first few weeks of launch, there’s a chance that Dark Burial: Enhanced Edition could well scratch a little bit of an itch. You can find out by heading to the Xbox Store and picking the game up on Xbox One, on Xbox Series X|S (fully optimised) or on PC. 

Keep an eye out for our review, coming soon. 

Game Description:

Dark Burial is a retro-styled puzzle platformer. You play as a sentinel who needs to fight first squads of the enemies and light signal fires. The sentinel can shoot arrows from his crossbow and use shot arrow as a platform. A dark army approaches your lands. Light signal fires to let people know that the dark times are coming. The Enhanced Edition includes 8 new levels, 1 new boss, partially improved graphics and gameplay.

Source: https://www.thexboxhub.com/dark-burial-enhanced-edition-is-a-new-xbox-and-pc-retro-puzzle-platformer/