CX at the Core of Digital Transformation in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Services Market

Frost & Sullivan is a growth-focused research and consulting company that offers a wealth of expertise across more than 10 industries. Frost & Sullivan’s Information & Communications Technologies Research Team conducts an annual voice-of-customer survey that contains inputs from key decision makers across industries.

What follows is an excerpt from 2022’s survey findings and research study, Customer Experience at the Core of Digital Transformation in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance Services Market: Transformational Growth through Digitally Enhanced Banking Customer Experience. The excerpt spotlights what respondents consider the highest customer experience (CX) priorities right now, and where their investment in CX is trending.

Definitions and Research Overview

  • The banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry includes commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, and other entities.
  • This study uses an integrated 360-degree research methodology to provide insights from end-user organizations, IT decision-makers, and influencers within the BFSI sector.
  • An analyst perspective on the state of adoption and future investment plans highlights opportunities for financial services organizations to equip their workers with the advanced tools they need to achieve operational agility and interact with customers via the channels they wish to engage.
  • This study also discusses opportunities for improving customer and employee experiences.

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