Popularly known as CS: GO, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is amongst the oldest FPS games that grabbed the attention of avid gamers. Its craze and interest are increasing with an increased number of players in 2023.

Today, the FPS industry is flooded with many titles that might quickly lose relevance within a year or something. Amongst the top gaming titles, CS: GO holds a significant position and has retained its popularity for over a decade. By 2023, this game has already accumulated a loyal fan base post its launch in 2012.

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Valve’s labour of love is acquiring a strong position in the absence of fierce competition. Despite a flawless esports ecosystem, this game already has an active lineup of over a million players linked to its name.

What Number of People are Playing CS: GO in 2023?

According to the survey report of Steam Charts released in January 2023, almost 1,199,684 players indulged in this gameplay.

Like other multiplayer games, even CS: GO has its ups and downs related to the player count. Though 2021 and 2022 weren’t the best years for CS: GO, an evident slump was identified in it. After crossing the 1 million mark by 2020, the player count of this game dropped, resulting in a loss of 16% of the players. Constantly for 5 years, the player count kept dipping down without any evident gains. While it was an alarming concern for Valve, the developer did not intervene in the process.

Despite all the roadblocks, CS: GO has again achieved the leading position on Steam without any events or new updates. By January 2023, the CS: GO again achieved back its 15% players and hit back at the 1 million milestones. All the recent operations or events are responsible for increasing the player count, thus deciding a brighter prospect for Valve’s iconic FPS Game.

Another surprising fact here is this peak is not an actual by-product of any LAN event or operation. The game was organically able to derive its leading position. In general, December is marked as the gaming downtime. Still, the dedicated players could figure out their new CS: GO practices even in holidays, and the game hits surged up again by January 2023.

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The latest stats are serving as the foundation for 2023 as Valve is making a mark to come out with new operations. If the player count persists without notable updates, the CS: GO might also see its all-time peak by 2023. And probably, the numbers might prove quite feasible for finally releasing the highly-awaited Source 2 Port.

CS: GO is undoubtedly turning out as the renowned 5v5 FPS game of 2023. Apart from the stellar player count, this game ranks amongst the most-watched games, along with League of Legends, GTA and the Valorant!

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