Clever, the platform used by more than 75% of U.S. K-12 schools to simplify and secure digital learning, announced last month its Classroom of the Future Report 2023, a new survey of school administrators, teachers, and edtech vendors highlighting five trends shaping classrooms of the future.

According to the data, almost two-thirds of teachers (63%) reported that edtech has been key in lightening their workloads, underscoring its ongoing role in supporting teacher wellness. Moreover, while 68% of teachers said efficiency gains are edtech’s main advantage, even more administrators (74%) attributed its impact on teacher effectiveness – the ability to successfully educate and engage students.

“Edtech applications provide teachers with insights into student progress, identifying their student’s needs and in many cases offering supplemental resources – a significant relief for teachers and a major support for struggling students,” said Mark Choi, Instructional App Specialist of Bellevue School District.

These findings highlight edtech’s multifaceted benefits in streamlining daily tasks and freeing up teachers’ time to focus on what truly matters: enhancing student learning, especially for diverse learners with varied needs. Other key findings from the report, which features perspectives from more than 1,000 teachers and 500 administrators, include:

+        Majority of teachers need support for personalized learning and diverse learners: Almost 70% of teachers and 50% of administrators call for more edtech support for students with IEPs or 504 plans. Moreover, concerns abound about the availability of products effectively serving diverse learners, as reported by 56% of teachers and 59% of administrators.

+        Students’ acceptance of edtech surpasses expectations: In contrast to initial pandemic apprehension, 79% of teachers and 89% of administrators report sustained or more positive student attitudes toward edtech over the past year, with many teachers and administrators simultaneously reporting an increase in overall usage of these tools.

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