14 February 2023

Cree LED Inc of Durham, NC, USA (a company of SMART Global Holdings of Milpitas, CA) has announced the availability of three surface-mount diode (SMD) LEDs optimized for large-format, high-resolution video screen applications. The new LEDs provide enhanced performance for all types of large-format displays requiring superior image quality and reliability. The SMDs are suitable for stadium signs, airport displays, command center displays, and full-color roadway signs.

First, the CV94A-FGC 3-in-1 red-green-blue (RGB) LED is part of Cree LED’s CV94 LED family and features an oval 90°/45° beam angle. CV94 LED SMDs are designed to replace multiple through-hole LEDs in outdoor, larger-pixel-pitch applications, such as roadway signs and LED billboards. By replacing multiple through-hole LEDs with a single surface-mount LED, signage manufacturers can reduce the complexity and cost of assembling complete displays while also increasing image quality.

Additionally, the CLMWB-FKC, a RGB SMD LED in a small 1.6mm x 1.7mm footprint, has a wide viewing angle and high brightness optimized for high-resolution outdoor LED video screens, such as stadium displays and advertising displays. Both CV94A-FGC and CLMWB-FKC LEDs are IPx8 waterproof rated and feature UV inhibitors to increase reliability in extreme weather conditions.

Finally, the UHD111A-FKA RGB SMD LED features what is claimed to be industry-leading brightness and reliability in a compact 1.0mm x 1.0mm package that is optimized for high-resolution indoor LED displays that are used in signage at airports, shopping malls and command centers. Unlike other comparable LEDs of this type, the UHD111A-FKA does not contain wire bonds, which results in significant improvement in black levels and contrast ratios.

“These new RGB LEDs deliver higher resolution, better image quality and cost savings for many large-format video screen applications,” says David Peoples, VP of marketing.

All three products are available with short lead times and samples are available through distribution.

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Source: https://www.semiconductor-today.com/news_items/2023/feb/cree-led-140223.shtml