Creating a Rhythm Game for a Dreaming Teen Rockstar – Loud: My Road to Fame


  • Embark on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery through music.
  • A new arcade spin on a Guitar Hero formula, accessible to everyone.
  • 100% Original music produced by Hyperstrange.

Stepping into the World of Arcade Rhythm Games

Rhythm games, those captivating, engaging experiences that combine our love for music with the thrill of gameplay, have absorbed players worldwide for decades. But what if we added a twist to it?

A wholesome story, perhaps, of a teenage girl dreaming about being a rockstar.

Now, imagine bringing her journey to life in a rhythm game, blending the high-energy gameplay of arcade games like Guitar Hero with a heartfelt story of chasing dreams. Mix all these ingredients, and voila! You get Loud: My Road to Fame.

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Arcade Spin on a Guitar Hero Formula, Accessible to Everyone

Loud: My Road to Fame wants you to enjoy this ultra-fun formula of the best rhythm games without being forced to buy expensive controllers.

We designed our game so you can enjoy it on your regular Xbox controller. But remember – getting to the top of leaderboards requires sharp eyes, fast reflexes and an extraordinary sense of rhythm. 

What Makes an Awesome Rhythm Game?

A good rhythm game matches in-game prompts with the rhythm of the music. But that’s all just an addition to the most crucial element: The soundtrack itself.

The tunes you mash your buttons to should steal your soul and make you hum the melody during your commute. That’s why the Hyperstrange team knew that a banger OST is a must.

While playing Loud: My Road to Fame, you will hear a set of over 20 original music tracks, composed specially for this title by Ivory Tower Soundworks.

Crafting the Dream. Pursuing the Road to Fame

Almost every story of a rock legend starts with a dream. Loud: My Road to Fame‘s story is no different. In this game, you are about to experience this inspiring journey through the memories of our protagonist. Your story begins in the teenage girl’s room, pretending to “play” an old broom and ends…well, that is up to you to decide how far your fame will reach.

Rock Their Socks off with Some Class and Style

Becoming a rockstar requires filling your wardrobe with some fabulous clothes. When we were working on Loud: My Road to Fame, we were aware of that. Self-expression is essential. And a set of awesome garments, especially if you want to reach the top, is a must.

Through the story progression, you have a chance to unlock different outfits and guitars.

Immerse yourself in this inspiring and wholesome story of chasing dreams and becoming a rockstar.
Play Loud: My Road to Fame today!

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LOUD: My Road to Fame

Hyperstrange S.A.


Get ready to rock & roll with Astrid in a heartwarming music arcade rhythm game Come for the music, stay for the wholesome story
LOUD: My Road to Fame is a music arcade rhythm game in which a teenage girl embarks on a heartwarming journey of self-discovery through music. New spin on Guitar Hero’s formula
Grab your gamepad and get ready to rock with new approachable and immersive arcade guitar controls. Keep your eyes sharp and fingers primed as each note has a good way to play it and a perfect one that requires additional input. 100% Original music
Every track in LOUD has been produced by Hyperstrange’s own band. Each out of the 21 tunes crafted with care for your auditory pleasure. A wholesome story to remember
Growing up generally sucks and it certainly isn’t easy for the main protagonist – Astrid. Embark with her on a wholesome and heartwarming journey of self-discovery through music – from pretend play on an air guitar to a real stage! Rock out in style
Master the songs to unlock cool new outfits and guitars. Get decked out and rock on with class and style! There is only one road to fame: Go LOUD or Go Home!


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