As we pass the halfway mark through 2023, embedded finance still reigns as one of the biggest talking points across financial services sector. I recently had the opportunity to interview Sam Kilmer, Managing Director at Cornerstone Advisors, to ask him about where the industry stands with embedded finance, and what we can expect next. Among the topics Kilmer addresses are:

  • What does embedded finance mean, and how does it differ from embedded banking?
  • How can banks leveraging third party technologies maintain control of the customer experience?
  • How should firms prioritize spending on embedded technologies?
  • Will leveraging embedded finance become tablestakes?
  • What is the future of embedded finance?

Embedded finance maintains applications across the fintech sector, and Sam Kilmer has a unique perspective on the topic. He also offers up his favorite embedded finance success story. Check out the full interview below.

Photo by Pixabay