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AfreecaTV have announced the round-of-8 groups for Code S Season 1.

The RO8 will continue to be played online, while the tournament will return to the AfreecaTV studio for the RO4 and grand finals.

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Group A is Maru and Cure favored, but I have seen Cure crumble with weird cheese before. And group B is pretty even imo.

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Oh i thought from the last stream, they showed Classic was in Group B

I’m glad he’s in Group A, it means that the 1 Protoss left has an easier time practicing, he only has to focus on TvP!!

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Cures TvP is Borderline untouchable, so Group A is going to be Maru + Cure (I realy wish Gumiho could get out with some big brain weired shit builds that only work exactly once, though)
For group B I ll go save and predict the 2 terrans to advance

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Group A is Maru and a race for 2nd place, Cure probably being the strongest of the 3.

Group B is a toss up. I can realistically see any combination of 2 players advancing, but I’d still say that if Dark shows up in form he should advance.

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