Coming after the unexpected twist in Group B, Group C ended with the more predictable result of the two favorites Dark and GuMiho advancing on to the RO8.

Third place finisher Ryung gave GuMiho a stiff challenge in their initial match, but ultimately gave up a one-sided 0-2 loss in the decider. Understandably, recent military returnee Stats was far from being in prime shape and was eliminated in last place.

Dark took a 2-1 victory over Stats to start, taking his two victories with his oft-used Queen all-ins. Stats briefly looked like the old ‘Shield of Aiur’ in his one win, executing a solid defense against Dark’s proxy-Hatchery all-in.

The other opening series went on for much longer, with GuMiho narrowly eking out a 2-1 victory over Ryung. The first game was a good old fashioned Marine-Tank brawl, which was eventually turned into a chaotic basetrade by GuMiho. After much evacuating, CC-floating, and rebuilding, GuMiho was able to close out the game.

Ryung took a faster win in game two, taking an advantage in the early Tank-Viking-Raven skirmishes. GuMiho forced a basetrade again, but this time it was a desperate move that only resulted in disaster. The deciding game was another Marine-Tank bloodbath, with army counts and banks staying similar for much of the bout. However, GuMiho stayed ahead in the larger strategic battle of territory/expansion control, and won through attrition in around 19 minutes.

The winners’ match between Dark and GuMiho also required the full three games, with Dark coming out on top with the 2-1 victory. GuMiho opened game one with a quirky 2-Barracks expansion variant that produced Marines instead of Reapers, but it was all the same difference to Dark as he forced a fast GG with a Roach rush. The score quickly went back to a 1-1 tie, as GuMiho cheesed out Dark with proxy 3-Barracks in game two.

The two players finally gave us a normal macro game in game three, with GuMiho playing his iconic mech. Dark couldn’t breach the Terran lines with Lair units and made the transition to Hive tech. His impeccable late-game army control was the key to victory, as he used BL-Infestor-Ravager-Queen to win a major battle. With the Terran defenses shaken, Dark was able to end the series with a tech switch back to mass Ravager.

Down in the losers’ match, Ryung took a convincing 2-0 over Stats. Game one was not very Stats-esque, as he surrendered a quick GG after his Phoenixes failed to spot an early Marine-Marauder move out by Ryung. Stats almost put in a vintage defensive performance in game two, nearly fending off Ryung’s two-base Marine-Tank all-in with SCV support. However, he couldn’t achieve the clean hold he needed to stabilize, and Ryung finished the series with follow-up attacks.

Unlike their close first series, the rematch between GuMiho and Ryung ended in a decisive 2-0 win for the Towel Terran. GuMiho got the early advantage in game one with a faster CC and successful harassment, and snowballed his way to a routine win. GuMiho got another one-sided win in game two, catching Ryung off guard with a fast 3-Medivac drop into the enemy main.