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Never stop fighting~

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i would define my style between a mix of ByuN, Maru and MKP

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Congrats to Gumiho. I wonder if this is a one-off or if C9 sees value in creating a SC2 team.

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Oh shit this is quite huge.

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I’m sorry what?

Well congrats to Gumi and welcome Cloud 9


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Huh. I wonder if this pickup is because they find SC2 cost-efficent or if there’s rumblings of new stuff on the horizon. Probably the former…. hopefully the latter.

Anyway grats Gumiho and C9!

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Gg Gumiho and c9


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Bit torn on this. On the other hand cool for Gumiho and C9. On the other, you just know its because of that Saudi tournament coming up next year.

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Whoa, pretty big sponsor, congrats!

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Nine tails for Cloud Nine, nice!

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