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A starcraft 2 community team from China named MysteryGaming just announce 4 players – Classic, DRG , Nice and Strange’s joining, along with a confirmation of participating in the upcoming WTL summer code A.
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Literally “mystery team” fucking lmao.

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That’s a very Protoss heavy line-up.

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they have some 5.5k to 6k chinese players playing in KR server.

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Nice. They should at least be able to compete for a Code S playoffs spot with this lineup.

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Lets goooooooooo

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Classic and DRG in the same team is awesome

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Missed opportunity to go with all Mystery themed players.

Strange, Dark, trigger, NightMare, Shadown,

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On March 15 2023 06:16 Waxangel wrote:
Missed opportunity to go with all Mystery themed players.

Strange, Dark, trigger, NightMare, Shadown,

And maxpax to round it off, since he has a similar aura

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“and next up, we have the dicks versus the mystery”

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Who expected Chinese esports scene to be one of the saviors of the game? Outside of the latest WC, they don’t even have many relevant players, yet they still keep supporting the scene with teams and WTL.

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