Cheap price + Easy Gamerscore = Skeljump on Xbox!

Skeljump brings easy gamerscore grabbing

We love it when weird and wonderful little puzzlers pop up onto the Xbox Store. We like it even more when that game throws achievements and Gamerscore at us like there is no tomorrow. That’s the case with Skeljump on Xbox. 

Previously on Nintendo Switch, Skeljump makes the leap to Xbox platforms, all thanks to 909games and Weakfish Studio Publishing. It’s cheap too, priced at a mere £4.19. 

Skeljump is on Xbox

So what is on offer? Well, honestly, we know very little about this one. An under-the-radar drop, Skeljump is playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, fully optimised for those newer consoles. 

Drop in and you’ll get to experience a bit of a puzzler, as levels slowly and surely get progressively more tricky. It’ll be up to you, your reflexes and your memory (uh oh) in order to blast through the challenges on offer. 

We’ve taking in the screenshots that show on the Xbox Store page, and, frankly, and not really much wiser for doing so. In fact, it’s taken a Google search and the power of Youtube for us to actually get a grip of what is going on in this one. Thanks go out to Cheetah’s Guides for that (go and subscribe if you like!). 

Buy now for easy Gamerscore

It also allows us to get an understanding on how this one is being marketed. We’re well used to cheap throwaway games that deliver Gamerscore on tap (it’s a marketing strategy, don’t you know) and Weakfish are doing just that with this one. The promise of 1000G in some seven minutes pretty much forces a sale. Perhaps not as much as the sub-1 minute 1000G of Beautiful Sakura, but it ain’t far off.

If you’re tempted by what Skeljump can offer or are just in need of a Gamerscore boost, grab Skeljump from the Xbox Store this very minute. We’d like to know if it has suckered you in like it has us. The comments are below. 

Skeljump on Xbox Game Description

Experience the puzzle genre from a different perspective in this game! You must solve puzzles that get more complex as you progress by managing time well, using your reflexes and memory to overcome the challenges! Experience this game with simple but unique graphics and gameplay and test yourself in many ways!



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