“2.7 million likes on TikTok””customize their water bottles as they do with their Crocs or their Pandora bracelets””it’s all about staying consistent and trying new things””fun accessories for an item that everyone already has”

CharCharms, founded by Charlotte Trecartin, has made it’s mark as the first-ever water bottle accessory company in history. CharCharms launched in 2021 entirely on TikTok and from the beginning experienced quick growth. Now just one year later, the company has 2.7 million likes on TikTok and continues to grow.

CharCharms founder Charlotte Trecartin, is a former University of Illinois college student that had a vision for adding pops of color & fun to reusable water bottles. That vision gave her the impetus to create a line of specialty water bottle accessories and share her passion with the world.

A CharCharm features a hook that adheres to the surface of your water bottle, tumbler, or mug and can be used to hang fun & functional accessories. “Everyone owns a water bottle, but the only way to customize it is with stickers. I realized people should have the option to customize their water bottles as they do with their Crocs or their Pandora bracelets – with little charms/accessories that represent their likes, hobbies and interests. If you have a cute French bulldog, get a French bulldog charm. If you are into pink, do an all-pink accessory bundle,” says Charlotte. “And the best part about accessorizing your water bottle is that you can also add lots of functionality! Hang your keys, AirPods, Chapstick, hand sanitizer, inhaler or anything else you want to keep at your fingertips.”

As with most products, the secret is always in knowing who your market is, how to speak to them and where. Before launching her company, Charlotte knew her main customers would primarily be younger adults and teens so she needed to focus on media that spoke to that audience. “I knew the best way to capture a younger audience would be through TikTok, and we have been able to accomplish that,” said Charlotte. She admits TikTok can be a hard place to grow a business, but it’s all about staying consistent and trying new things.

In fact, Charlotte has been so successful at TikTok that when she isn’t working on CharCharms, she has been consulting with other companies on their TikTok marketing strategies. “TikTok is one of the most important tools a business should be using, but it has to be used properly if it is going to work” she says.

Aside from designs that appeal directly to her target audience, CharCharms secret sauce is that it makes hydration fun and functional. They offer products that are fun accessories for an item that everyone already has.

Thanks to Charlotte’s hard work and business skills, CharCharms is growing fast. To purchase from CharCharms you can visit charcharms.com or find them at @CharCharms_ on Instagram, @CharCharms__ on TikTok, and CharCharms on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

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