There is no denying the significant progress in recent years towards the  legalization of cannabis and the industry’s overall growth. Marijuana is now  legal for adults in 18 states and Washington, D.C. While medical marijuana is  legal in 37 states. As the industry starts to come into its own, several operators  are realizing the need to mature along with it, or risk being left behind.

When many operators first started off, their primary focus was compliance and  simply maintaining the necessary data to keep the doors open. However, as  the industry evolves and operators look to new territories, they are finding the  software solutions they signed up with at the beginning, to do the basics at a  low cost, are no longer robust enough to scale with their growth. Companies  find themselves purchasing additional software to fill these gaps or having to  explore integration options with their seed-to-sale provider. The problems with  these pathways are, and always will be, how to ensure that the data is correct  and timely updated between the two or more systems. 

It is hard enough to learn one software system. If you are a cannabis operator  looking to scale, you want to think about ways to streamline your business, not  spend countless man hours learning a different system for financials, one for  inventory, another for compliance, and so on. You need a single system in place  to give you complete visibility into your business as it grows. Viridian Sciences  is the first and only cannabis seed-to-sale ERP built on a world-class financial  engine to help guide your business into the future.

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