Get shooting with REPLIKATOR

Perhaps it’s the capitals that does it, but there’s something immediately concerning about REPLIKATOR as it releases on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

From the indie publishing team of Ratalaika Games, they of Meridian4 and the developers of R-Games comes REPLIKATOR, as players on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 get the chance to take in some top-down shooting action. 

Keep moving, shoot straight, survive.

REPLIKATOR is a simple one – move, shoot, survive. As you may expect to hear though, it’s not going to necessarily play out that easily, as a challenging and eventful top-down shooter players out. 

Promising to be uber addictive and running in the region of 8-9 hours for completion (some 30 odd if you want to take everything in), REPLIKATOR will task you with trying to work out what has happened to those of the world. See, this is a game that thrusts you onto space stations, just after disaster has struck. It’s up to you to navigate through 12 levels, 5 bosses and many foes in hope of discovering why all personnel of a classified research facility have been wiped out. 

That deadly saga isn’t your only cause for concern though. REPLIKATOR will provide plenty of weapons for you to work with, and passive skills in the form of implants to utilise. And you’ll need to as well as REPLIKATOR could well turn into a bit of a bullet-hell. 

Death isn’t the end

However, dying could well be useful as it is here where REPLIKATOR’s procedurally generated maps and roguelike elements pop up. Seeing your character reborn, but with previously found resources to hand, should ensure that your next run will be all the more positive. And the one after that. And that. 

With some highly explosive action taking place and a complex that has been ground down, making the most of the various REPLIKATOR elements will be the only way you will ever find success. 

The inside information you need

  • Dynamic battles. You will have to constantly move and aim well to survive!
  • Danger at every turn. Many different enemies and traps will not let you get bored.
  • Dozens of upgrade items. Explore stations looking for new upgrades for your character.
  • Meta progression. In this game, each death will only make you stronger, because after death you will be able to buy permanent improvements for your character and the hub ship.
  • Procedural generation! The location of rooms, enemies and traps, as well as weapons and all items, are generated procedurally.
  • Space raccoon! and three more playable characters. All of them differ in starting characteristics, preferred weapons and special techniques.
  • Intriguing story. Explore the abandoned science complex and find out what happened here!

Ready to shoot and move?

You will find REPLIKATOR present on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S with full new-gen optimisation in place. There’s also Xbox Smart Delivery, meaning you’ll play the finest version for your console. All this sits under a £9.99 price, with launch discount in place for two weeks post- launch. 

REPLIKATOR is also on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

Our full review of how all this plays out is coming soon. 

Game Description:

REPLIKATOR is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements, set in an abandoned space science complex. In the role of a galactic mercenary, you will have to fight against hordes of crazed robots and ectoplasmic monsters. Explore a mysterious scientific complex and uncover the secret of the REPLIKATOR project. Get ready for dynamic battles where you will constantly have to move and aim well to survive. The locations of rooms, enemies, and traps are procedurally generated, to insure a new challenge with every game!