Can Firewood Propel Avalanche (AVAX) to $20? AI Altcoin Draws Major Whale Interest

InQubeta ($QUBE) is getting lots of interest from investors as it emerges as one of the top DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency space. Its success has even gathered interest among whales thanks to the 3x returns it promises those who buy $QUBE now, with prices currently at $0.0133. $QUBE prices will be set at $0.0308 when tokens are released on exchanges.

Meanwhile, the Avalanche (AVAX) project’s recent release of the Firewood update has sent prices up 11% in the past week. The Firewood update aims to address the limitations of the Merkle Tree structure used to organize data on many cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin ($BTC) or Ethereum ($ETH).

InQubeta plans to provide an alternative to mainstream investment firms that is more accessible and transparent. Many investors are denied access to traditional investment barriers due to unnecessary requirements like having to prove earning over $200k for two straight years for access to angel investment prospects. It aims to make it easier than it has ever been to invest in artificial intelligence (AI).

Cryptocurrency whales gravitating toward top DeFi project InQubeta ($QUBE)

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the days when it was nothing more than a fun idea explored in science fiction media, and InQubeta plans to help further advance the technology. Many people already use AI tools without even knowing it, like the voice recognition features on many smartphones. Autonomous vehicles are now being produced and Tesla’s Optimus humanoid robot appears to be closer to becoming fully functional.

Automation will transform industries worldwide and change how societies operate. It will also create opportunities for smart investors to earn substantial profits as was the case with other tech revolutions in the past. Investing in AI today doesn’t just set investors up to earn profits, it also protects them against the uncertainty the technology will bring to many industries.

How InQubeta’s DeFi AI investment ecosystem works

InQubeta is equally beneficial for startups that need capital and investors looking for more accessible ways to invest in artificial intelligence. AI startups gain access to the platform’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace once approved by InQubeta where they create equity-based NFTs that replace stocks on the ecosystem.

These tokens appreciate as the startups behind them grow and many offer investors other benefits like profit sharing.

The NFTs are added to the ERC20 token list on the marketplace where investors use the blockchain’s native currency, $QUBE, to buy them. Investors get part ownership of startups while they get more capital to advance AI.

The value of all ERC20 coins sold on the InQubeta marketplace can be monitored in each investor’s user account. They get full ownership of these tokens, so they can trade them whenever they choose.

Firewood update release sends Avalanche ($AVAX) prices surging

The developers of the Avalanche project, Ava Labs, have released Firewood, an update that’s aimed at making storing data on its blockchain more efficient. Firewood is designed to address the limitations of the Merkel Tree structure which becomes increasingly inefficient as blockchains grow.

Firewood is an open-source code allowing for any flaws to be identified before its final implementation. The update will make Avalanche’s high-output blockchain more efficient as more custom blockchains and decentralized applications are built on its network.

Market indicators like a 58 relative strength index and a 9.3867570 10-day exponential moving average indicate investors are feeling bullish toward the project.


InQubeta’s inventive way of opening up access to AI investments makes it one of the top DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency space. Tokens will grow 3x during the remainder of the presale and up to 100x when launched. $AVAX also appears poised for growth as its Firewood update wins over investors. However, it’s unlikely to keep up with $QUBE’s anticipated growth.

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