Bombastic StarLeague
2v2 ProLeague

Greetings, fellow StarCraft enthusiasts! It’s time to dust off your 2v2 skills and get ready for the second season of the BSL 2v2 ProLeague! If you’re a StarCraft fan, you know how exciting and strategic 2v2 games can be. And now, with ShieldBattery‘s matchmaking system, it’s easier than ever to find a partner and compete against other super gosu players!

Whether you’re a seasoned 2v2 player or just looking to try something new, this league is for you. BSL 2v2 ProLeague aims to bring together players from all over the world who share a love for the game and a desire to compete at the highest level.

Huge thanks to eSport.Fund for enabling us to have another season of pleasureful StarCraft 2v2 experiences! Stay tuned, cuz we will have more announcements involved with to come!


  1. Download ShieldBattery
  2. Create a new account using the BSL- tag e.g.: BSL-TT1, BSL-HaN, BSL-2Pacalypse, ..
  3. Head over to Leagues and Join BSL 2v2 ProLeague S2 (Stats should be updated on as well)
  4. Join BSL Discord
  5. Launch ShieldBattery and start laddering!

The Ladder Stage starts on April 16 and closes on May 06 at 23:59 CEST


  • No smurfs are allowed, you need to use your most known nickname
  • During the ladder stage you can play with the same partner or randoms, or both.
  • Double Zerg and double Random races are allowed.
  • The goal of the Bombastic StarLeague is to focus on the development of players outside of Korea. Therefore, only players that are living outside of South Korea can participate in this tournament.
  • During the ladder stage you can check the 2v2 Ladder Rankings on our BSL Website or on Shieldbattery
  • Players can stream their ladder games


  • At this point every player needs to confirm their participation in the BSL discord #confirm-participation
  • Minimum amount of games required to qualify: 40 (by at least one player, second player needs to have at least 20 games)
  • At the end of the ladder stage Rank 1 player gets to pick any player in the Top 100 in 2v2 Ladder Rankings assuming they both agree, and then Rank 2 player does the same, etc until 16 teams are formed.
  • At this point every player needs to confirm their participation in the BSL discord.


  • 16 teams qualify to the final stage
  • Double elimination bracket stage
  • Matches will be pre-played with a deadline
  • Send all your replays whether you won or lost to BSL admins, the reason is that we will cast from replays randomly using winners or losers to not spoil the results with the in-game chat.
  • Players are not allowed to stream their tournament games.


$1000 prizepool will be distributed as follows

  • TOP1 Team -> $400
  • TOP2 team -> $250
  • TOP3 team -> $150
  • TOP4 team -> $100
  • 100$ for showmatch / ladder tour


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  • 1st map for each round: TBA
  • Loser picks, no repeats


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Day 1 & 2 Deadline -> 13.05. 18:00 CEST
Day 3 + 4 WB & 5 WB Deadline -> 20.05. 18:00 CEST
Day 4 LB & 5 LB + 6 Deadline -> 27.05. 18:00 CEST
Day 7 Deadline -> 03.06. 18:00 CEST
Day 8 Deadline -> 10.06. 18:00 CEST


Most likely we will start the first cast on Saturday May 20, but we are planning more events, so we will keep you informed.

BSL is alive only thanks to the support from the community! If you like what we are doing, feel free to join the Patreon or Donate

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