Popularity on Boombl4 gives the Russian player all the glory he has earned!

BoomBl4 never returned since his removal from the S1mple’s team, and recently, there were rumors about a grand comeback. Winner of PGL Stockholm Major, the reputed former Natus Vincere’s IGL Boombl4 is bidding adieu to the sidelines and entering back to the full-Russian CS: GO team 1WIN along with the former Entropiq duo of Igor “Forester” Bezotecheskiy as well as Aleksey “Nickelback” Trofimov. The big revelation was out by the CS: GO insider Aleksey “OverDrive” Biryukov recently.

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It’s been a while since the Boombl4 preferred to keep his distance from the competitive strikes after his exit from NAVI in May 2022. He was held accountable after the team lost in the PGL Antwerp Major Grand Finals with the FaZe Clan. During that time, NAVI claimed that Boombl4 was taking an exit owing to the ‘High reputational risks’ of the organization, the primary reason now being the core gameplay. The former Russian Captain was freed from the ties on the expiry of his contract with NAVI on Jan 1, 2023.

On the same lines, even NickeBback is free from the contract, while Forester still seems to be under pressure due to the existing contract with Entropiq. If the trio joins 1WIN, they could probably play with coming up AWPer Denis “deko” Zhukov and Aleksandr “TRAVIS” Timkiv, as per the insights from the sources. Nickelback has already attained the position with 1WIN in January, as other players are willing to take a leave and allow space for Boombl4 and Forester. The players who might leave the spot include former NAVI rifler flamie and Aleksandr “glowiing” Matsiyevich.

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1WIN is presently holding the 51st Rank amongst the top CS: GO teams, according to the ratings shared by HLTV. The best global ranking they held to date was 28th in September 2022, along with Deko, Flamie, TRAVIS, Glowiing, and Ihor “lollipop21k” Sołodkov. So far, Deko has proved to be the best player of the 1WIN and is the most valued possession of the whole organization. He had a spectacular 1.21 rating in 2022.

After execution of all the said roster changes and amendments, the 1WIN will earn back the Main Champion Boombl4, along with two other leading players who participated in the Majors in Forester and Nickelback. There is still anticipation on who will be the main in-game leader here as Nickelback and Boombl4 are titled Captains in their entire career.

The roller coaster journey for titles and positions will be a sight indeed!

Source: https://esportsjunkie.com/csgo/boombl4-might-return-to-pro-cs-go-post-navi-kick-after-8-months