Blip Labs Technologies, Inc. Announces Launch of New Bill Management…

The new release builds upon the initial version of Blip while providing enhanced performance and exciting new customer-requested features.

Blip Labs Technologies, Inc. (Blip), a fintech provider unlocking new opportunities through intelligent bill management, today announced the launch of its latest version of embedded bill management, representing a significant step forward in providing fintechs and banks with the infrastructure needed to offer experiences that help their customers manage and pay recurring bills.

Blip solves both the issues consumers face in managing their bills while driving revenue and engagement for fintechs and banks. The new release builds upon the initial version of Blip while providing enhanced performance and exciting new customer-requested features, including:

Dual benefits to Banks/Fintechs and customers:

  • Frictionless onboarding for both you and your customers drives adoption
  • Data-derived insights boost your mindshare and improve the financial health of your customers
  • Product offers displayed at the point of payment increase your wallet share and helps your customers save money
  • Card-enabled payments generate interchange revenue for you and provide flexibility for your customers
  • UI/UX component library delivers clean and simple design elements enabling launch in days, not months
  • Enhanced security provides peace of mind to both you and your customers

Michael Bank, Co-Founder of Blip, said, “The new release represents the culmination of thoughtful customer feedback and innovative product developments to offer banks and fintechs with new and unique bill management experiences.”

Seth Fenster, Co-Founder of Blip, added, “We are incredibly proud of what the team has accomplished since our initial launch and are excited to offer customers our new capabilities to improve people’s financial lives.”

About Blip:

Blip is a fintech company elevating bill pay’s IQ. Blip effortlessly adds bill management to any mobile or web application in days with automatic user enrollment, engagement, and support. For more information, visit

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