Bitcoin price its 43% price increase in 30 days – why do you need to buy Cryptos now?

Bitcoin price its 43% price increase in 30 days
Bitcoin is the King of the crypto market, and around 45% of the money is invested in it. All currencies are dependent on its price as they follow its unique pattern.
After a long bear market, things have been picking up a bit of pace as BTC looks to recover. If you got hit badly in the crash, Bitcoin might not be able to surprise your wallet in 2023.
However, if you want to get huge returns this year, invest in MEMAGFGHTTARO, and CCHG. Don’t get flustered if you see money pouring in after buying these coins.

Bitcoin Price Surges through the Roof

The year 2022 wasn’t for Bitcoin as it saw its price at $16k, the lowest ever in the last four years, plunging from $67k. It was all due to bad news and unexpected crashes that forced traders to pull out their money. But 2023 brought new hopes, as Bitcoin surged to almost 43% of its price from $16,500 to $23,800 in a month.
This price increase is the revival of BTC after the continuous bear market, as it will help other altcoins to gain momentum. One main reason for the BTC to get a huge pump is the positive CPI report and BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) showing a decline in Inflation.
However, the price of BTC has not recovered to the pre-FTX crash point but is on its way to breaching important resistance levels. The market may pump even more if there’s a positive CPI report and a stoppage of interest rate hikes.

Why Buying Crypto Right now is a good option?

As the price of BTC is increasing with every passing day, it’s a great opportunity to set foot in the crypto market as it seems to stabilize once again after massive crash reports. If you are quick enough to analyze the situation and get in and out on time, you’ll be able to make a hefty profit from this pump.
Some experts think that BTC might fall under $20k once again, but until then, you can take full benefit of it as almost all the altcoins follow the pattern of BTC, and they might be pumping soon. Also, check out the news, as you’ll find potential tokens releasing new features, and the world would be interested in buying them. Traders who left during the crash are coming back.

Potential Gainers in 2023

Experts say that 2023 will be the year for crypto traders who lost their fortunes in the crash. Let’s briefly look at these four crypto tokens and see what the hype is about.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters Guild is the first ever Blockchain-based mobile gaming platform. This team’s goal is to make a high-quality ecosystem of Blockchain-powered games that people love. For anyone contributing to the platform will earn rewards in return.
The games will use a single currency, MEMAG, for all the purchases and rewards. You can also convert the in-game “Gems” into MEMAG tokens and cash out your winnings. For hours a user will put in, they’ll be incentivized.
Three games are confirmed for MEMAG, and experts say that as soon as Meta Masters Guild releases their first-ever game, the price of MEMAG tokens will skyrocket. So don’t waste time searching and buy MEMAG to multiply your investment in 2023.

Fight Out (FGHT)

Fight Out has acknowledged the worldwide effect of the Pandemic, which has made people lazy and physically unfit. It has come to the party to create a healthier world. Fight Out is an M2E Metaverse platform where the Avatar is linked to your real-world fitness.
You’ll need your Avatar to socialize with people on the metaverse, but you’ll have to work out as your Avatar follows your progress. You’ll also earn special rewards for working out daily and achieving your goals.
FGHT also provides a customized exercise routine that you can follow to become physically fit and active. As people will know the benefits of using FGHT, its price will skyrocket, and according to experts, 2023 might just be the perfect year.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra is allowing its users to create a World that comprises only robots, as its name suggests. It’s the Era of Robots, and they are ready to take over the Metaverse. You, as a user, can use your unlimited creative thinking to build worlds for your robot avatar.
As it’s a Metaverse, you can also interact with other Robots. TARO is a P2E game where you can find resources, complete missions, and much more to earn rewards. You can rent your world to others and make a living.
There are no boundaries to your creative thinking in this place. Due to its unique concept, people are going crazy after the project and are waiting for the official release.

C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is set to bring a revolutionary change in the EV charging industry. It plans to create new charging stations that are easily accessible to the general public. EVs are the future as the world moves towards safe environmental solutions.
CCHG is currently in the initial coin offering, and if you hear the experts, they’ll be screaming and telling you to buy CCHG during presale for long-term benefits. Initially, CCHG will be used as an EV charging Payment solution.
Their app will keep track of the nearby charging stations, the maximum waiting time, and the price you’ll be paying for getting your vehicle charged. They also offer carbon credit rewards to people making payments through CCHG at such charging stations.

Wrapping Up

You might want to jump in BTC because of the pump. But listen up. BTC isn’t going to make you rich, as it’s already the #1 currency. So shift your focus to MEMAG, FGHT, TARO, and CCHG, as these will fill up your crypto wallet with profits you have never realized. Just buy and HODL and let the magic happen.





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