Bitcoin And Ethereum May Awaken Bears If Fail To Hold This Level! Here’s Where BTC And ETH Price Are Heading This Weekend

As the crypto market brings a worrying situation by trading on the verge of a flip price range, investors are keeping a close eye on leading assets: Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the weekend approaching at a fast pace, several analysts are wondering if BTC and ETH prices will be able to make a bullish comeback or form a price bottom. 

BTC And ETH Prices Face Intense Pressure From Sellers

This week seems to bring a barrier in the price chart of Bitcoin and Ethereum as both face an ongoing consolidation near a critical price level. Market leaders claim that a slowdown in the upward journey may cause another bearish reversal, slumping leading assets to December price levels. 

Bitcoin Price Analysis

This month has brought a high of $24K for Bitcoin since August 2022, pushing the trendline of BTC dominance exponentially. However, on-chain metrics suggest that Bitcoin’s dominance has recently started forming a dip after facing rejection near $24K, signifying an upcoming altcoin rally. Moreover, the largest Bitcoin corporate holder, MicroStrategy’s quarterly financial report, posts substantial losses, creating turmoil in the BTC price chart. 

As of writing, BTC price trades at $23,665 with a decline of nearly 1%. A pseudonymous trader predicted a potential dip in Bitcoin’s price trend. The analyst predicts that the Bitcoin price may drop heavily if it witnesses profit-taking sentiment from investors at $24K. If Bitcoin falls below $23K, it may reach its November high of $21K, from which Bitcoin may trigger a possible upward retracement

Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum price chart looks bullish as it maintains its momentum near the $1,650 price level. Moreover, the ETH network will activate its Zhejiang public testnet next week ahead of the Shanghai upgrade, which may develop a bullish scenario for the asset. However, a downtrend near $1,700 remains a concern as investors are looking to liquidate their holdings to avoid any upcoming risk that happened during the Merge event last September. 

According to CoinMarketCap, ETH’s price trades at $1,662. Analyzing the daily price chart, Ethereum may face a rejection near the $1,700 level as the RSI-14 trades in an overbought region. Ethereum price may form a support level near the EMA-100 trend line at $1,563, which may spark a fresh bull run ahead of the much-anticipated Shanghai upgrade. 

However, a bullish trend is expected if Ethereum breaks its monthly resistance level of $1,700, above which the ETH price may take bulls to the $2K price level.  



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