Become a ZooKeeper on Xbox

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Up for being a Zookeeper on Xbox?

We’ve spent hours, days and weeks tending to our zoo animals in the likes of Let’s Build a Zoo and Zoo Tycoon. But now we get the chance to become a proper ZooKeeper on Xbox. 

Available as the latest zoo-themed sim to drop onto the Xbox world is ZooKeeper. It comes from the Gaming Factory team to try and tempt you away from the greats of the genre. Priced at just £9.19, it may well be able to do that. 

Think of yourself as a ZooKeeper on Xbox?

Playable across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, ZooKeeper looks to pretty much do as you would expect a game of this type. Yep, download this one and you’ll be found managing and building a zoo of your dreams. From there, filling it with the finest of animals and dragging in the visitors. 

Whether it is on a par with the ageing but brilliant Zoo Tycoon is up for debate (we’re guessing it’s going to struggle if we’re honest). But it certainly allows for the imagination to run wild. Biomes will need to be created for the animals in your care, whilst teams of zoo keepers will need to be hired – and fired. 

And the sheer number of variety of animals looks to be high too, complemented further by the opportunity to bring back to life long-extinct species. Jurassic World Evolution 2 has got that pretty much sewn up though. 

Key gameplay features

Whatever, download ZooKeeper on Xbox today and you’ll find the following key features and gameplay mechanics in place. 

  • Become the best Zoo Owner and build the greatest Zoo of all time! – While creating your dream zoo, you can build structures and objects such as enclosures adapted to a given species of animal, additional attractions for visitors, alleys and decorations.
  • Create biomes for animals – Raise the necessary funds, purchase animal pens and get it organized to open the best zoo in the region. Choose new objects for individual biomes. Create biomes that will match the climate for the rare animals.
  • Look after the animals – Keeping your animals in good health is very important and the success of your zoo depends on it. Don’t forget that each animal requires regular feeding and cleaning up of the enclosure, and if it becomes ill, you should treat it. Do not forget to clean the pen for animals and take care of their good mood through fun!
  • Build a great team of employees – As a leader, you must be aware that your employees are not only a great help for you, but also a great responsibility. You will have to learn to manage your team in all situations and remember to pay their salary on time…
  • Bring back to life long-extinct reptile species and place them in your Zoo – When you become a successful zoo owner, nothing will stop you from achieving even more. Nobody will ever forget a zoo where they can see prehistoric animal species, and you can become the first to provide visitors with such an amazing opportunity.

Buy now!

ZooKeeper is on the Xbox Store. Grab it now, playing it on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We may even be able to sort you some review thoughts soon too. 

The comments are below if you wish to leave your thoughts.

ZooKeeper on Xbox Game Description

Become a Zoo Keeper, manage and build the zoo of your childhood dreams! Take care of the animals and create ideal conditions for them. Grow your zoo, add extraordinary species and prepare amazing attractions for visitors. ZooKeeper is a low poly game in which the player takes on the role of a zoo owner. Your main task is to manage the zoo to make it as popular as possible!


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