Bang your drum in Skábma – Snowfall on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

skbma snowfall
Skabma-Snowfall comes to Xbox

Known for their semi-nomadic, reindeer-herding living within Scandinavia, the Sámi indigenous people are fully deserving of a video game to document their culture. Spanning across modern-day Norway, Sweden and Finland predominantly, this group of people is the focus of Skábma – Snowfall, from Finnish development studio Red Stage Entertainment. 

A Story to Tell

Immediately bringing to mind 2014’s stunning Never Alone, Skábma – Snowfall similarly has a rich story to tell, documenting the trials and tribulations of a threatened culture. Releasing today on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch, following on from a PC launch in 2022, you play as Áilu, a young boy who is whisked away on an adventure as his village becomes plagued by a strange disease.

When he happens across an ancient drum – Goavddis – which contains the healing powers of the Sámi healers known as Noaidis, the timer starts to navigate this treacherous world, and save the village from succumbing to death and destruction.

Spiritual Powers

As well as using his drum to fend off mysterious monsters and solve environmental puzzles, Áilu will also be aided by four spirits, which you will encounter throughout the game. Each of these spirits will affect your movement and abilities, so it is important to master the powers of Skuolfi – The Owl, Guovža – The Bear, Čámsa – The Trout and Rieban – The Fox. 

Both the drum and the spirits will also allow you to reveal invisible objects within the rural map, leading you to puzzle solutions and hidden collectibles.

Skábma – Snowfall on Xbox is Available Now!

Skábma – Snowfall is now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch and PC. If you wish to experience this spectacular tale for yourself, then make sure to pick up a copy for £20.99 via the Xbox Store.

Game Description

Skábma – Snowfall is a never before seen representation of indigenous Sámi stories and culture. Explore Nordic beauty in a world where the old northern campfire tales come alive! Use your wits to solve environmental puzzles and platforming challenges in this narrative 3rd person adventure. 

Save your home! 

The daily life of a Sámi village is disturbed after an accident at a nearby Tar-Burning Pit. An odd disease starts spreading across the area, affecting everything from the land to the people and animals. 

You play as Áilu, a young Sámi herder searching for a runaway reindeer doe. The mystery of the growing disorder starts to unravel when Áilu finds an old enchanted drum, Goavddis. Time is running out for the infected, but the long lost knowledge of Sámi healers, Noaidis, is still beating within the drum. 

What is lost can always be regained! Find the four Familiar Spirits and reconnect with nature to find the source of the disease. It’s your time to become a new Noaidi for a new era!



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