In a thought-provoking debate taking place in the crypto world, Edward Farina, CEO of Alpha Lions Academy, has suggested a unique formula for long-term financial freedom. 

Farina contends that holding 10,000 XRP tokens could provide a pathway to significant wealth when the next substantial bull run for the asset occurs. At the current exchange rate, an investment of 10,000 XRP equates to approximately $4,643.

Farina shared this daring proposition in response to a Twitter poll initiated by Jenna Kady, a well-known cryptocurrency YouTuber, and analyst. Kady’s query probed the XRP community’s belief about the potential quantity of XRP required to become a future millionaire. She put forth a starting amount of 150,000 XRP, equivalent to around $69,645.

Less is More in the XRP Millionaire Quest

Interestingly, Farina belongs to the majority group (63% of respondents) who feel that acquiring wealth with XRP needs much less than the 150,000-token starting point proposed by Kady. He proposed an even lower entry point, with a long-term holding of just 10,000 XRP. However, Farina cautioned that this was only his personal perspective and shouldn’t be misconstrued as investment advice.

He expressed his viewpoint, saying, “If you hold all the way through the complex journey that awaits us, including ups and downs, FUD & more, with plenty of patience, a cold wallet, and knowing how to handle emotions, 10K XRP should set you free. My opinion.”

Kady’s intriguing poll was initially spurred by comments made by BitBoy, a popular influencer in the crypto space, who had earlier proposed a conservative investment in 150,000 XRP tokens to reach millionaire status. BitBoy’s perspective drew mixed reactions, with a significant chunk of XRP advocates expressing disagreement.

Many crypto enthusiasts found BitBoy’s token count excessive and unrealistic, sparking further polls and debates within the community. At press time, XRP was still hovering at $0.46.