Allianz Partners and bolttech Provide Embedded Device, Appliance Insurance

Allianz Partners, a provider of B2B2C insurance and assistance services, and global insurtech bolttech has partnered to provide embedded device and appliance protection insurance across Asia Pacific and the United States.

The partnership aims to make it easier and more convenient for customers to purchase protection for a range of household products, including mobile and digital devices, and household appliances (white and brown goods).

This is made possible through embedded solutions for business partners such as retailers and e-tailers for electronic products and household devices, telecommunication providers, banks, insurers, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Allianz Partners brings its worldwide presence and insurance expertise to the partnership, while bolttech contributes its technology and servicing capabilities.

Tomas Kunzmann

Tomas Kunzmann

Tomas Kunzmann, CEO of Allianz Partners said,

“As a global leader in assistance and insurance services, we will leverage our strong market presence and wide range of product offerings to co-create new solutions that protect consumers’ financial investments and deliver peace of mind.

bolttech is an insurtech with a proven track-record in technological innovation, and our partnership will allow us to jointly create a seamless and unique setup for growth in the area of mobile device protection.”

Rob Schimek

Rob Schimek

Rob Schimek, Group Chief Executive Officer of bolttech said,

“What makes this partnership so exciting is the tremendous opportunity to collaborate with Allianz, one of the world’s leading insurers, to reduce risk for customers in their daily lives and increase financial inclusion in the digital age.

We are already working with Allianz Partners on a number of exciting opportunities, such as embedding device protection for customers of a leading electronics brand in Thailand.”

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