The type of factual error that blighted the launch of Google’s artificial intelligence-powered chatbot will carry on troubling companies using the technology, experts say, as the market value of its parent company continues to plunge.

The Guardian reports that investors in Alphabet marked down its shares by a further 4.4% to $95 February 9, representing a loss of market value of about $163 billion since February 8, when shareholders wiped around $106 billion off the stock.

Shareholders were rattled after it emerged that a video demo of Google’s rival to the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT chatbot contained a flawed response to a question about Nasa’s James Webb space telescope.

This week Microsoft, a key backer of ChatGPT’s developer OpenAI, announced it was integrating the chatbot’s technology into its Bing search engine. Google also plans to integrate the technology behind Bard into its search engine.

ChatGPT became a sensation after its launch in November 2022, as it composed recipes, poems, work presentations and essays from simple prompts.
However, it also served up factual errors, which experts said reflected flaws in the vast dataset, drawn from the internet, that ChatGPT had absorbed.