rubber bandits animal bandits

It’s been a year since Rubber Bandits burst onto the scene, hitting Game Pass and delivering some fun party gaming to the Xbox masses. To celebrate a year of madness, a new drop of DLC is today enhancing that game.

Available to purchase, download and add into Rubber Bandits on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and through Game Pass is a new downloadable content offering in the form of the Animal Bandits. 

This little pack will set you back some £5.59 in good old British Pounds, with the usual global exchange rates coming into play should you be elsewhere in the world. 

Pay up and you’ll be treated to a proper decent little drop too, given the chance to dress your bandits up as a cute and cuddly little animal. 

Fairly similar to the Go Wild Pack which arrived with the game launch, the Animal Bandits addition comes with the base game thrown in, all accompanied by ten new costumes. 

That base game is well worth playing, at least of you take our review of Rubber Bandits as read. We gave it a 4/5 score, hyping up the simple, accessible gameplay, some slick matchmaking and a particularly fun Heist mode. Granted, we felt it was a little limited in game modes, but with Game Pass support in house, we could happily let that slide. 

Perhaps the new Animal Bandits pack will help with that. For us though it’s the opportunity to kit up with the new costumes, throwing some gear the way of our Bandits. These come in the form of a Rooster, Shark, Penguin, Monkey, Rubber Duck, Bunny, Puppy, Kitty, Fox or Panda. The question is, which will you be?

You’ll find the Rubber Bandits: Animal Bandits pack over on the Xbox Store, working on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Game Pass. 

DLC Description:

What’s the best disguise to go on a heist? Of course dressing up as (or literally being) a cute or wild animal! No one suspects a fluffy animal for a bandit. This bundle includes the base game and 10 various animal bandits that you can impress your friends and foes with. You can play as a Rooster, Shark, Penguin, Monkey, Rubber Duck, Bunny, Puppy, Kitty, Fox, or a mighty Panda! This is the ultimate Bandit Animal Bundle! #ruiningfriendshipssince2021