Mix a pastry chef, a registered nurse, a party planner, and a cannabis patient all in one, and volià, you have Tamara Anderson, the founder of Culinary and Cannabis.

Anderson grew up having a close relationship with the plant. She spent her early career in the medical industry as a nurse, and to break away from long, stressful days, she baked her favorite sweets to decompress.

For Anderson, holistic methods have always been the first option when it comes to self-care and relief. After she became an MMJ patient and dove deeper into the cannabis industry, she found that there weren’t many cannabis event experiences that she felt drawn to. So with her combined knowledge and love for cannabis, cooking, and luxury spa experiences, Anderson created her vision: a cannabis event production company called Culinary and Cannabis.

As an educator in the industry, she believes that people in cannabis have a duty to those open to learning. “I’m a people gatherer, and I think meeting people where they’re at is the best way.” The cannabis scene can be intimidating, which is why Anderson’s events are for the full spectrum of folks — anyone can feel comfortable enough to explore all the plant’s luxurious possibilities. From the cannabis enthusiast to those having never touched the plant, all guests (21 and up) are welcome.

Each C&C event is sensory, interactive, educational, and focused on all the ways that cannabis can be used for self-care and wellness.

This year, Culinary and Cannabis launched the CannaSpa Party — the ultimate at-home spa party. Whether it’s a 21st birthday or a bachelorette party, you can customize the event however you like. If you want smokeables, edibles, topicals, a terpene bar, and a budtender, you got it.

And look out for the events on Culinary and Cannabis’ Instagram page celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop and highlighting artists, athletes, music, and mental/physical health for people of color.

Tamara’s favorite cannabis products and brands


One of her favorite flower brands is Clade9, a Los Angeles-based brand specializing in breeding premium indoor-grown bud. It has strains like Diamond Dust, Medusa, and more.

Biko Flower

BIKO is a woman- and black-owned brand based in Los Angeles and known for its flower and pre-rolls. Learn more about the owner and her mission on the BIKO website.

Saka infused wines

Based in Napa Valley, Saka Wines has a collection of alcohol-free, infused beverages. “The bottle is beautiful and [the wine] tastes really good. You can make mimosas with it, anything!” said Anderson.

Chef Matt’s BBQ, hot sauce, and ketchup

Chef Matt Stockard started a line of sauces that are perfect for on-the-go infusion. Anderson enjoys all the sauces, which include BBQ, hot sauce, and ketchup. “These come in self-serve packages. You could take it to the restaurant, the movies.” Check out his Instagram for events and features.

Lucy Goosey chocolates

Anderson’s favorite chocolate edibles are the Lucy Goosey chocolate medallions. They have flavors like Sea Salt & Almond, Berry Bliss, Pecan Turtle, and more.

Papa & Barkley’s gummies

Her go-to edible gummy recommendation is Papa & Barkley gummies. From the sleep gummies to the pineapple ginger gummies, she finds these edibles all-around delicious.

Cannaspa Fizz scrub and rub

For self-care, she goes no further than the Culinary and Cannabis site, featuring the CannaSpa Self-Care Bath Set, which includes a hemp-infused bath fizz, body scrub, and shimmery whipped moisturizer.

Sophia Wellington is a graduate of UC Irvine with a degree in International Studies and a focus on issues and institutions. She loves learning about world cultures, politics, history, movies, and music and is beginning her post-college career diving into the cannabis marketing industry.

Source: https://weedmaps.com/news/2023/02/tamara-anderson-favorite-products/