When I joined our district in 2021, I was asked to review its overall communications and ensure that we were communicating effectively both with our families and with the surrounding community. Across our 13 schools, it was immediately apparent that our current platform wasn’t meeting expectations.

That platform didn’t have the features and resources we needed to be able to reach our communication goals. We started looking for a better option by researching online and speaking with other districts about what they were using.

Through that exercise, we learned about ParentSquare and decided to implement it. Here are six ways that our new approach to communications has transformed our district:

1. Multilingual translation capabilities. Our primary languages are Spanish and English, so having a platform that offered translation was important for us. Our new platform comes with built-in language translation capabilities in over 100 languages and lets us deliver consistent messaging to parents and community stakeholders. 

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Source: https://www.eschoolnews.com/educational-leadership/2023/04/24/6-ways-to-transform-district-communications/