Key points:

Technology is quickly changing the way we learn and teach. To keep up with these changes, administrators need to support teachers in using technology in the classroom.

Following are three ways administrators can help teachers become successful with technology in the classroom and help student engagement.

1. Encourage innovation. Administrators should encourage teachers to be innovative in their use of technology by giving them the freedom to experiment and explore new technologies. Allow teachers to try–and fail. When teachers know they are allowed to fail, they can be original in their innovations.  Create a culture of innovation by celebrating teachers who are successful in using technology to improve student learning.

Encourage teachers to try flipping their classrooms and use project-based learning experiences. Give teachers access to resources and support, such as online tutorials and teacher communities. Assure that your school allows time for teachers to discuss with staff or in their PLC how they use technology in the classroom. Innovation causes more innovation.

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