Even if the old spoon under the pillow trick hasn’t worked for the students in your district yet, it doesn’t mean it won’t be your turn next!

No matter how well prepared you are, weather cancellations can be cause for confusion. It’s worth taking a few extra precautions so your families know exactly what the story is.

Here are a few simple tips districts can follow to make sure weather communication messages are reaching home without causing confusion:

Tip 1: Reach Families Where They Are

Most districts have a page on their website dedicated to weather closures and delays. Schools use their school-home communications platform to alert families via text message, email, and phone. They also send alerts to local radio and TV stations. Many post a banner on their website. Social media is helpful, too. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are often the first things folks look at in the morning.

A quick bulletin via a digital school newsletter platform is easy because you can at once share via MNS, on social media, and even embed on your website. If you send a bulletin, duplicate key info – like instructions for how to translate the update and  where to sign up for alerts – from event to event.

Repetition really helps folks to remember the procedures.

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Source: https://www.eschoolnews.com/educational-leadership/2023/03/16/3-tips-for-confusion-free-inclement-weather-communications/