$10,000 “Cao Shuai cup” (Korea vs World)


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WTL organizer SCboy just announced an event called the “Cao Shuai Cup” on tomorrow, the evening of October 5th in Beijing time.
The event got its name because it was hastily decided yesterday(which is also the meaning of “Cao Shuai” in Chinese).
The Cao Shuai Cup is a 5v5 team competition, and the organizers hastily selected 5 top players from Korean and 5 from the global region.
These two teams will compete for a $10,000 prize, and the winner takes it all!!!

The tournament follows a best-of-4 KOF format, where two teams take turns selecting players to compete. Each round consists of four matches, and a player is eliminated from the competition if he lose 3 matches. In the event of a 2-2 tie, both players are eliminated.

[Player List]
Korea: Maru Dark herO Cure Solar
World: Oliveira Serral Reynor Clem Maxpax

20:00 5th Oct. Beijing Time(UTC/GMT +8 )


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Well that came out of nowhere. Sounds like a cool event though.


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Lit. “Hastily Slapped Together Cup”.

TranslatorIf you want to ask anything about Chinese esports, send me a PM or follow me @nerddigmouse.


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On October 04 2023 22:44 QOGQOG wrote:
Well that came out of nowhere. Sounds like a cool event though.

Yep, the improvised idea came out from the owner of DKZgaming as well as the sponsor of this tourney just 2 days ago(on this Chinese national holiday).


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Sounds super cool, but given how short notice it is, have the players confirmed their participation?



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On October 04 2023 23:32 Poopi wrote:
Sounds super cool, but given how short notice it is, have the players confirmed their participation?

Yes, they all confirmed according to the organizer.


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Nice to have a surprise event!

Is the overall format bo7, and individual matches are bo4?



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Cool! Where can this be watched?

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timezone converted: Thursday, Oct 05 12:00pm GMT (GMT+00:00)

“Expert” mods4ever.com


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Wow, such an intriguing match! I wonder if there will be the ability to resurrect a player. And what happens if it’s 2-2 in the final match? Ace match? So, a similar format to WTL except that the matches are bo4 rather than bo2?

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On October 04 2023 23:00 digmouse wrote:
Lit. “Hastily Slapped Together Cup”.

Best Cup name ever <3

Go Serral! GG EZ for Ence. Flashbang dance FTW


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wow, that’s cool and unexpected!!! does someone know where we’ll be able to watch it?

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On Twitch stream, Wardi/Steadfast/Rotti probably will all cast this event.

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Ducklings will be casting at least~


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Those are some sick lineups

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yawn – another across the world online performance decided by position of server


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I love surprise cups!

90% watching it 8% talking about it and 2% playing it – sc2


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Let’s goooo now!The game will begin with a 4v4 BigGameHunter match, used to determine which team to reveal their player first.
(By the way, Reynor withdrew from the event due to personal reasons, been replaced by Astrea)

Source: https://tl.net/forum/starcraft-2/616985-10000-cao-shuai-cup-korea-vs-world

Source: https://webfulnet.com/

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