ESports fans will be pleased that finding bookmakers and online casinos that accept bets on eSports events will not be challenging. However, the availability of betting platforms may mean that you will only succeed on them after a while. Therefore, we have prepared the top ten tips for getting started in eSports betting. Some are very simple but are the basis of a successful game.

Focus on 1-3 Favorite Games 

Hardly anyone has been able to consistently achieve winnings without making an effort to learn one or more eSports disciplines. Fortunately, in this gambling area, knowledge is available in formats that are entertaining in their own right. Much helpful information will bring watching streams. It will not be superfluous to get a personal gaming experience. It will help to understand the mechanics and tactical nuances better. 

One more tip: pick a few esports players or teams that will be interesting to watch. You will learn more about your favorites and their opponents by watching competitions or training streams on Twitch. This will provide a sufficient basis for understanding the balance of power and more accurate forecasting of events within one match and the tournament.

If you do not have enough knowledge, you can try your luck at an online casino with SlotsLV slots instead of betting on eSports. This type of gambling does not require such a deep immersion in the context but is also associated with predicting actions and developing strategies. At the same time, slots will be great entertainment and can potentially bring big winnings.

Train Without Risk

Before betting real money, try to practice simulation situations. You should keep a record of your betting options and track what results they lead to. When you make hypothetical bets, please remember a realistic budget you are ready to allocate for betting on eSports. 

This method is beneficial for testing and refining strategies. Therefore, it will come in handy even after you have mastered the initial knowledge of eSports. Additionally, training helps to understand how different types of bets work and how they are calculated. 

Start Small Bets

Most beginners prefer to deposit a small bankroll and use it entirely for 2-3 bets. This is the wrong approach. It’s not just about the high probability of quickly wasting funds allocated to eSports. Along with the money, you lose the opportunity to gain experience. Therefore, experts first advise using 10-25% of the deposit and distributing this amount over a series of small bets.

Keep a Record of Your eSports Bets

When you get past the beginner level, you will find that the platforms offer different conditions for betting on the same games. Therefore, creating separate accounts on various sites for betting on Dota-2, LoL, Valorant, Overwatch, and other popular esports disciplines will not be superfluous. However, with such a division, it is easy to lose sight of real income and expenditure. Therefore, we advise you to keep a table with data on rates to be able to check the bankroll at any time.

Avoid Unnecessarily Risky Bets

The idea of betting on an unlikely outcome is appealing because the rewards for success are often enormous. Don’t give in to temptation. Keep your emotions in check and act cool. Avoid making bets that will test your nerves for strength and are unlikely to bring results. 

Complex bets are best left to the professionals. By ignoring this principle, the player risks wasting his money. Therefore, it is better first to accumulate a sufficient bankroll and reach a level at which it will be possible to assess risk factors correctly. 

Come Up with a Strategy 

To make a plan that will work, you need to analyze your personal experience. Determine your strengths and weaknesses to find out which types of bets are more likely to bring success. Do not forget about game preferences.

Try Matched Betting

Sports betting enthusiasts have long known about the Matched betting strategy, which can be used to minimize risks. This method also remains valid for eSports, as esports betting platforms are practically no different from regular online bookmakers. They can also receive free bets and other bonuses. The choice of sites is sufficient to bet on all event outcomes in different places.

Follow eSports Tipsters

Experienced players can give helpful tips. In addition, they can pay attention to important nuances that you overlook. So, we would suggest that you subscribe to several tipsters with a good reputation in the community.

Remember that no one can guarantee winnings. Therefore, buying paid forecasts from consultants is a risky deal. In addition, there is a high proportion of scammers among forecasters. 

Get Familiar with the Terminology

Having understood the terms of eSports betting, the player gets the freedom of action. For example, he will not miss the opportunity to make a profitable bet because he does not understand the essence of the offer from the bookmaker. Additionally, knowing the terms will allow you to analyze analytical materials quickly.

Do not Forget about the Rules of Safe Gambling

Excessive gambling can lead to unpleasant results. Therefore, we recommend reading the Safer gambling tips from the independent organization RGC. By adhering to these principles, you will protect yourself from the possible harm of gambling.